Enjoy a 360-degree view from 115 feet high in the Wildwood sky on the Condor!

This ride is the second best ride to get a great view of Wildwood and the ocean, along with the Giant Wheel on Mariner's Landing.

The ride went up 115 feet instead of 100 feet (height of the Condor's tower) due to the fact it was raised up from the boardwalk and platform. The ride was able to accommodate up to 56 passengers at once, 1 or 2 per gondola

After the 2011 season (Condor's last season), it was said that the ride was going to be removed, and demolition began in the 2012 off-season. In its last year or two it was breaking down frequently which resulted in lots of downtime. Also, ridership has decreased over the years. The truth of the whole matter about the Condor was it was in need of a $1 million rehab, which was way too much to spend on a 23 year old attraction. The Morey's also were unable to find a way to rescue stranded riders in the event of an emergency.

In 2012, the ride was temporarily replaced by a kiddie ride called the Kangabounce for a few years which served as a space filler after the Condor was removed until Morey's Piers revealed its replacement attraction for the 2015 season, KONG!

General InformationEdit

Tickets Per Guest: 6 Tickets in its earlier years, then changed to 5 Tickets in the early 2000's

Ride Type: Family

Rating: Moderate

Manufacturer: HUSS Maschinenfabrik GMBH & CO. (Now Huss Park Attractions)

Height: 115 Feet (elevated from boardwalk and platform)

Number of Vehicles: 28- seven gondolas per four arms

Capacity per Vehicle: 2 people- one behind the other

Ride Capacity: 56

Hourly Capacity: 840.

Year Opened:1988

Year Closed: 2011 (demolition began in early 2012)

Location: Surfside Pier

Must be 50" tall to ride.

Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance.</p