Fly the Great Nor'Easter Front Seat on-ride POV Morey's Piers Wildwood

Fly the Great Nor'Easter Front Seat on-ride POV Morey's Piers Wildwood

Fly The Great Nor'Easter POV

Fly the Great Nor'Easter is a suspended roller coaster located at the end of Surfside Pier.

History Edit

Fly the Great Nor'Easter was designed by Vekoma International and it is a suspended looping coaster. It was originally installed in 1995 with an intimidating 2,100+ feet of track. In 2008, the seats were upgraded to the Freedom Flight design to further improve the experience.
FGN Initial Track

Fly the Great Nor'Easter circa 1995

FGN Loop

A group of park visitors enjoying a ride

FGN New Train

The new Freedom Flight Vehicles

FGN Current Layout

Current Track Design

General Information Edit

Tickets: 8

Type: Thrill

Rating: High

Investment in 2005: $7.5 Million

2008 Train upgrade: $1.2 Million

Speed: 50+ MPH

Height: 150 feet

Length: 2,175 Feet

Inversion: 5

Elements: Sidewinder (corkscrew), double spin (back to back loop-the-loops), 85 foot roll over.

Trains: 2

Vehicles per train: 10

Capacity of Vehicle: 2

Capasity of Train: 20

Hourly Capacity: 1120

Ride Time: 1 Minute, 20 seconds

Minimium Height to ride: 52" (4'4")

Maximum Height to ride: 79" (6'7")

WARNING!! When riding the Great Nor'Easter, loose article such as cell phones, changem keysm etc MUST be left with a non-rider (or in the little compartment @ the station) Due to the design of the restraint system, large framed guests may not be permitted to ride. Further restrictions posted at ride entrance.