Fly the Great Nor'Easter Front Seat on-ride POV Morey's Piers Wildwood

Fly the Great Nor'Easter Front Seat on-ride POV Morey's Piers Wildwood

Fly The Great Nor'Easter POV

Fly the Great Nor'Easter is a suspended roller coaster located at the end of Surfside Pier.

History Edit

Fly the Great Nor'Easter was designed by Vekoma International and it is a suspended looping coaster. It was originally installed in 1995 with an intimidating 2,100+ feet of track. In 2008, the seats were upgraded to the Freedom Flight design to further improve the experience.

The ride was retracked around 2017.
FGN Initial Track

Fly the Great Nor'Easter circa 1995

FGN Loop

A group of park visitors enjoying a ride

FGN New Train

The new Freedom Flight Vehicles

FGN Current Layout

Current Track Design

General Information Edit

Tickets: 8

Type: Thrill

Rating: High

Investment in 2005: $7.5 Million

2008 Train upgrade: $1.2 Million

Speed: 50+ MPH

Height: 150 feet

Length: 2,175 Feet

Inversion: 5

Elements: Sidewinder (corkscrew), double spin (back to back loop-the-loops), 85 foot roll over.

Trains: 2

Vehicles per train: 10

Capacity of Vehicle: 2

Capasity of Train: 20

Hourly Capacity: 1120

Ride Time: 1 Minute, 20 seconds

Minimium Height to ride: 52" (4'4")

Maximum Height to ride: 79" (6'7")

WARNING!! When riding the Great Nor'Easter, loose article such as cell phones, changem keysm etc MUST be left with a non-rider (or in the little compartment @ the station) Due to the design of the restraint system, large framed guests may not be permitted to ride. Further restrictions posted at ride entrance.

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