The Giant Slide (Wipe Out) was the first ride of Morey's Pier. The Brothers got the slide from a company in Pennsylvania. The idea for getting a Giant Slide came about when the Morey's saw a slide in Florida. It lastest for 43 years on the Wildwood Boardwalk. It startest Morey's Piers and was the oldest ride still running when they took it down.


A Morey's Piers classic! This slide was manufactured

Giant Slide

Early years of the Giant Slide.

and installed in 1969, the birth year of Morey's Piers. At 43 seasons the Morey's took it down to make way for the newest rollercoaster.

The ride went through many changes. Changing the colors of the slide to renaming it. In it's early years people used to ride canoes down it .

General InformationEdit

42” tall or accompanied by a responsible person.

Between 42" and 54" can ride together.

Over 54" must ride alone or with a guest under 42"

Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance.

Ride Type: Family

Rating: Mild

Ride Statistics: 60 feet tall. Installed in 1969 - Morey's Piers first ride!

Location: Surfside Pier